Advice for learning more Advanced JavaScript Concepts

Hello, I’m wondering where I could learn JavaScript more in depth, such as:

  • How the memory management works under the hood
  • More complex methods patterns such as Array, String manipulation etc.

Or even where to find what else should I know haha.

A little background - I’ve been dabbling with Vue.js for work, I tried react, didn’t like it, mostly did front-end stuff with some tiny backend projects as well. Been playing around with JS for let’s say 2-3 years, and I’d like to take it to higher levels.

Any advice or experiences? Thanks.

Memory management is part of the runtime, you would likely need to look at the source code to understand how the different runtimes handle memory management and GC.

Didn’t watch a ton of the videos, I believe the channel used to be named Low Level JavaScript and it has some deep dives.

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