What are some "advanced" javascript topics?

I’ve been a freecodecamper for a while though I havent joined/used the forum until now so this is kinda like my first post.

I guess I could say I hv a good grasp of the basics.

I feel like learning more topics preferable advanced.
Advanced could literally mean different thing to different people.
In my case it would be the next step for a person who learned intermediate stuff like working with arrays, objects, dom manipulation, promises and async await, a good deal of regex, classes and closures.
You could say I pretty much know enough to work on projects but I just want to go a step further (for my own satisfaction) .

I’ve recently been working with getting info from api’s / json and the like.

Any tips from anyone with knowledge on this subject?

First edition is complete. Support the author if you can.

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Good suggestion, did find the intro interesting :+1:
Unfortunately a lot of the harder topics are work in progress.
Its good enough for a quick revision tho

I guess looking through scopes and closures module would be a good thing.

I second YDKJS. They start out simple but get pretty advanced.The second editions are a work in progress, but the first edition should be still out there and useful.

I wouldn’t worry too much about seeking out advanced topics. You can also learn a lot by just building things and learning things as you need them.

I will repeat myself - first edition is complete.

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