Advice for preparing for my first programming interview (for the Microsoft Explorer Internship)

Hi everyone!
I am pretty new to freeCodeCamp, and programming in general. I am only 6 weeks into my first CS course (we are using Java).

I don’t know how, but I made it past Microsoft’s first round of interviews and am being flown up to Redmond in a week and a half to interview there for a spot in their Explore Internship program.

I really want this internship, but feel completely unprepared. I know the coding questions won’t be very difficult, but I am still not sure I will do well. Are there any specific websites I can quickly learn more about sorting through arrays, data structures, and other common question for Java? I have already tried a few, such as LeetCode, but I am so new that I get stuck easily, and am not sure how to move on since they won’t show me any solutions to their questions…

I would really appreciate any, and all advice as to how I can prepare better.

Thank you!

You should try out intermediate javascript algorithms here in FCC :slight_smile: They are pretty good.

This is also a good link.

I personally learned a lot of things from codewars

There are number of things I like about it.

  • Multiple languages are supported, for most challenges (I’ve seen plenty of Java challenges)
  • You can easily “give up” and popular solutions based upon user feedback (performance, clean, fancy solutions, etc)
  • The difficulty ramps up pretty quick, but there are always a lot of basic challenges, which are great todo as a “refresher” or interview prep.

There are plenty of classic interview questions out there that are great to always review before you head into your interview. Just try your best, learn something and goodluck :smiley: