Advice on networking!

Hi, I’m a foreign worker working at Vancouver, Canada waiting to get my Permanent Resident status (I will get it this summer I think).

While I’m fully committed to my current job (+30hrs, flexible, mostly working night shift) because I’m getting help with my document for my Permanent Resident Card from this employer,

I just want to make a network and if possible maybe part time junior/ internship position.

I have a IT diploma, but very limited experience (helped couple of months maintaining php web application).

I see there are meet ups, and this week, there is a tech career fair at UBC(University of British Columbia).

My question is, when I go such meet ups or career fair, what do I say to people?..I tried couple of times, since I’m not social at all, also English is not my first language, I have no idea what to say but end up just handing few resumes…also I’m not looking for full time position now…just want to network or get part time position.

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you could try attending tech meetups through or just find some activities to do such as yoga, fitness, or other sports, you never know who you might meet.

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I think you are right, I’m already signed in meet and joined a few meet ups, yet haven’t attended any meet up, I wish I was not shy and be social!! but very hard :joy:

I should try hard and relax try talk to people witch is also hard for me :joy:

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I’m not the best socializer either, I have to push myself.

It’s easier the smaller the group, so you might try targeting the very small.

In terms of topic, I’d focus on technical questions: ask about what kind of technologies they use, pain points, cool libraries recently discovered, etc.

Things you’d enjoying talking about, in other words.

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Thanks for your advice!