Can Networking be done effectively online?

I’m an American living in Thailand so my ideal outreach would be to people in US companies. Probably not ideal to do this type of thing online but I’m curious if anyone has found a good strategy for connecting with people online? I’m not much of a social media person but I’m thinking that maybe I should become more active there, for one.

You could try LinkedIn maybe. Or network in person with expats in Thailand.

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You can check my “journal” of sorts on here. In March I think is when I started looking for a job while living abroad in China. Now I’m in Chicago working as a full stack junior web developer.

Unfortunately, I didn’t start heavily applying to jobs in the US until I moved back in with family, so I’m not sure if it’s effective or not. However, I got my job in Chicago while living in CA, and they would have been totally fine with me working remote.

I didn’t network though. Just automated my job search with Python, and kept working on building projects and adding skills.