Advice to program a Commercial System

I have a buisness where i would love to make a program where i could have the status of my inventory and the availability of the stock i can produce.

What is your current level of experience with coding?

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Basic to null , just wanted to know what skills are needed for a proyect in that magnitude

Well, you would need to be able to build a basic front-end to your application that you would be happy for people to see.

Bootstrap is a pretty user friendly framework for building web pages - it helps you handle issues like cross browser incompatibility and responsiveness across different device sizes. It also gives you some professional looking styling, which is nicer than default HTML.

You would also need to create a backend for your application which includes a database.

This is not particularly hard either - especially if you just want to be able to insert items into a database and have another page that shows the items in the database, remaining stock…that kind of thing.

It’s also not particularly easy for a complete beginner either, though!

If you would like to learn the skills to build this for yourself, and wanted to fast track your learning consider the following:

  1. Complete the Front End challenges in the Free Code Camp curriculum.
  2. Complete the Tribute Page, Portfolio, and the Twitch Viewer projects.
  3. Complete the Back End challenges for Node, Express, Git, and Mongo.
  4. Complete the Timestamp Microservice, URL Shortener, and Voting App projects.
  5. Start making your own app!

Depending on your ability level and the time you have available to commit to it, this path could take you anywhere between a month or two, to six months to complete. I recommended those particular projects because each of them contains something important you would need to be able to do to build the app you have envisioned.

You will learn a lot more if you do all the projects, of course, and if you really take your time to understand the material.

What I’ve laid out is a decent chunk to learn, but if you just dive in and start at the beginning of the FCC lessons, and ask for help on the forum any time you get stuck, you’ll have your business app built in no time :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the your time, really helpfull!


If you want to meet to discuss your project, I can provide more detailed information to meet your project requirements.

Or, if your need is urgent, and you don’t want to build yourself. Depending on the magnitude of the project, I could probably develop something for you, low cost.