After a Personal Crisis

A few months ago, I had a major crisis happen in my personal life, and it’s been hard to get back into coding. To make matters worse, I started off with diving into a whole new technology (React). I think it might just be a better idea just to focus on reviewing the fundamentals. Anyway, I don’t know why I made this thread. Just looking to see if anyone else had ever gone on a long hiatus while dealing with a personal crisis.


Oh yes. 25 years in the industry, life went sideways and lost seven years.

Start with a review, refresh your basics, try different solutions to the challenges. You got this!

Thanks! And yeah, now is really not the time to be worrying about learning a new framework but reviewing the basics. I need to gently ease myself back into things. Thank you for your support.

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That’s me to a T- though mine was ~15 years in the industry- then ~6 years out of it (for a few reasons). Back to it and swimming upstream looking for a job lol.

Hang in there and definitely restart with the basics. React is challenging- try to touch on javascript basics- that will help a ton in picking up React.

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Just don’t quit and never allow yourself to get into that deep funk. Money is good motivator for me I look at job sites and read the adds for the 160k+ dev jobs. Then start coding again.

gl ^^