After getting all 3 certificates , what do I have to do to continue at freeCodeCamp?

I looked at the FCC Map and the next part is still locked. I am not the guy who expects destiny or other people to come up with something and that’s why I start asking what am I to expect next or what is expected from me now?

Scorching heat and 40 degrees Celsius in my appartment and people slowing down to minimum for summer are not going to stop me.

At the last local FCC meeting Rob Axelsen among others said you should not have come into this situation and even Quincy Larson wrote something similar on Quora.

I do not know what he meant by “aggressive” marketing myself and Edo at the local meetup said usually meetups are for companies looking seniors.

I understood it is important to code every day and to submit to github and I know that delay causes further delay … it is like having failed to jump on a starting train. You have to catch it before it gets too fast.

I just want you do understand that I actually “panic” because I think I have only some months after everything I learned and done here becomes obsolete and may it just be that I no longer can proof that I am constantly working on being a developer and improving myself.

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I’m having a little trouble understanding all of your message, but I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

You can contribute to FreeCodeCamp at any time. Here is the information about contributing. This is unrelated to the other nonprofit projects. That process does include some waiting.

To keep expanding your skills and give back to the community, you can also contribute to other open source projects that you care about.


Great question. I just wrote a comprehensive answer to this here yesterday:

We have several Open Source for Good projects you can start contributing to, and a whole lot more on the way.

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