After I sign in Curriculum signs me out - Australia & New Zealand

When I come to the website I sign in, then when I click on curriculum is signs me out and takes me to a project I’ve completed, my progress has disappeared too.

When I sign in it shows my profile page but when I click on Go To Curriculum it signs me out. Please help!

If I go to the project and sign in there it takes me to profile page, then I go to curriculum and it signs me out again leading a vicious circle.

Yes. I have the same trouble from yesterday. When I click curriculum, it shows me need to sign in. However after I click sign in, it goes to my profile page. I am so frustrated and I don’t konw how can I fix this.:worried:

Same problem for me too :frowning:

Yes have same problem

Same problem here!
Same problem here!

Please do a search on the forum first before posting. This issue has been reported and answered in other threads created in the last 2 days.

Yeah I did a search and all I found was use a VPN, I don’t want to use a VPN on my work computer. So maybe instead of saying the topic was answered why don’t you link me or give the answer…

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Hi @RandellDawson,

I’ve been searching the forum and couldn’t find an answer. Can you please post the answer here or refer to the post that has the answer?

If its the VPN solution, I wouldn’t recommend it as a proper solution as its not viable to use VPN for everyone.

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I think its a Google chrome issue. I switched to Edge and it starts working. Strange !!

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Exactly! Thank you! And this guys meant to be a moderator… Literally no help.

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Everyone else I’ve seen posted saying they’ve tried every browser plus nothing worked for me either, not even mobile.

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I tried to log in curriculum this morning and found this problem has been fixed. I’m in Australia. Hope everything is OK for all of you.

As a moderator, he might be seeing the issue being reported many times; hence the response, I guess. Let’s see if there’s a good solution for this.

Yeah I understand I can imagine theres loads of threads like this but Ive never posted before and just saying theres a solution without mentioning anything isnt helpful for anyone.

@ollieeer Are you located in New Zealand or Australia by chance? There is a known issue affecting users in those countries and the only known solution at this point is to use a VPN.

Sorry for the short response earlier, but only had time for a quick response and did not have the time to refer you to the thread above. I just knew that I had read about the issue in an earlier thread.

There are over 30 moderators of this forum, but we are all volunteers and are not always right at our computers to respond immediately to ever post.

Sorry if you feel let down by the moderator support here, but many of us are also spending time helping with reviewing/merging PRs on the Free Code Camp github repo. With Hacktoberfest in full swing, we are all quite busy.

If you are not in one of those counties, reply back with your city/state/region and I can forward the information to others would can possible assist further.

Thats fine! I don’t even expect mods to be at every post its a community everyone helps everyone, I don’t feel let down by mods I just felt let down by that particular post. A VPN isn’t a viable solution for me. I am in Australia indeed.

If we here anything different than this advice, we will pass it on.

Do you have a rough estimate before this gets fixed? It’s been almost a week already, I have a VPN but might get into trouble through work so need to get the VPN off asap. Thanks for your help.

I have asked the question to those in the know and will reply back when I get a response.