After javascript what's next?

After HTML, css and then JavaScript, what is the obvious thing or language to learn thus avoid getting stuck in learning process complications?
Thank you.

Well, with HTML, CSS, and JS you have languages that can give you a fullstack. In other words, you don’t need another language - but it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

I think you should learn a modern UI library, like React (which FCC teaches) or Angular. I would also learn the basics of backend - a backend language (which could be JS as Node) and a library to support endpoints (FCC teaches Express) and a DB (FCC teaches Mongo. You don’t need to be an expert in the backend, but even frontenders benefit from a little exposure - plus it will allow you to build much more interesting demo apps. There are other libraries you can pick up along the way - i18n, routing, etc.

I think once you have the basics of your stack down, just building increasingly interesting things and learning new things to support that. That’s the goal. Just keep building and learning.


FCC as the federal communication commission ?

fCC = freeCodeCamp

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Some people don’t realize that we’re a teaching platform, too.

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I’m not from the US i just googled FCC and got the wrong referring meaning.

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So what do you mean by library that support endpoints? What are endpoints?what are they used for?

An endpoint is part of a server (also called backend), a specific address that your frontend (what you see in the browser, also called client) can “call” with an http request and request data or request a change in its own data. For example, if you are on the web page for your bank account, the client needs to know details about the account so it sends a request to the server and it returns the data to be displayed. Sometimes your website will be using endpoints that have already been constructed by someone else, or sometimes you will have to build your own.

In the FCC materials, that is covered in the Backend Development and APIs section.

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Various languages have libraries/frameworks to make making servers easier. There are many languages are available on the backend. One is JavaScript, in the Node environment. When using Node, there are various libraries to help you, Express is a popular one and it is the one that FCC teaches.

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the javascript universe is vast. You have learned only the basics of the language, but there are extentions, libraries, frameworks, additional tools based on it, which offer you to perform advanced actions. A natural choice would be to continue onward, advancing your skills in JS, by learning about those tools and how to work with them. Look up terms like frameworks etc, to know what that mean and why it is so useful to be able to work with such. Like people stated, freeCodeCamp offers follow up lessons regarding frontend frameworks and backend too. Look up in google what is frontend, what is backend, or just keep that knowledge for later, when you face content regarding them. A common example is React, which is very popular frontend framework. It offers great support in building up sites. Things like twitter and facebook are built using that technology. In the core, its pure JS, but in fact, its lot more. Having the task to build such sites without a framework like React, would mean writing far more extensive code and would be very difficult to include many of the functionalities. React lets you do that much easier.

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