After study the courses what should i do?

After study the courses what should i do?

Hi everyone,
I’m studying ‘Scientific computing with python’ course; ‘machine learning with python’ course and ‘coding interview prep’ course on the Freecodecamp.

  • Can i get a job after studying above the courses?

I love doing work related the machine learning. I know if i just study those courses. I still can’t really do the job.
I want to be able to practice at real companies and learn more knowledge at the same time (become a trainee or a probationary staff to accumulate practical experience and more understand the knowledge i have learned).

But, after studying thoses courses; i don’t know what next steps should be. What should i prepare? What should i prepare my Curriculum Vitae to apply to companies?

I look forward to your guidance and advice from you.
Thank you

I recommend searching for more complex projects in python, and you can check the FreeCodeCamp youtube channel for this.

You also can follow the Python Roadmap and learn through new projects.

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