Don't feel like learning by going through FCC learning path

Hi, everyone!

I don’t have any job/work experience other than a few freelance and the university projects.

I want to prepare for the interview. My goal is to get a job, ASAP, in AI or ML or some related field. Going through the FCC learning path, I don’t feel like I am learning.

I have just completed the OOP section in JS. It feels like I still have to polish basics (OOP, data structure, algorithms, and database).

I haven’t been near any code for 2 years, I was think of going through some video lectures (to quickly revise) then practice a little.
And jump straight to Coding Interview Prep section. Would that be helpful?

Should I get started from Scientific Computing with Python and carry on from there? Skip what is in-between

What should I do ???

@naumanqamar I would suggest you to change the #general to #career to get more useful suggestions. Thanks!

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You’re welcome to jump around in the curriculum. If you aren’t interesteted in web programming, you can focus on the JavaScript sections (including the interview prep exercises). The Python courses on freeCodeCamp are still in an early version and they do assume that you’ve already done the JavaScript lessons and therefor already understand programming principles taught there.


Probably not the “same” situation, but as I have progressed I have felt a similar way. I normally just go back 10 lessons and go through it over and over. I can’t even count how many times I’ve ran through the “forms” lessons. It’s also good to keep in mind that with self-study, you can take as long as you need to with concepts.

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Hi @naumanqamar! :wave:

Whenever I’ve find FCC tutorials dry or repetitive, I like to mix things up with other resources. I particularly like immersing myself in what is available and picking what I find most interesting. If you’re looking to learn ML/AI to get a job and need some additional learning resources or inspiration, I highly recommend:


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