AI and Coding - Can I do it after studying for a year even with AI?

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I was just curious to get people’s thoughts on AI and coding. Is it something to be worried about? I’m brand, brand new to coding and I also tend to worry about things so I was curious to know what other people thought.

My goal right now is to teach myself as much coding to get an entry level job. Let’s say I spend about a year going about this, will it even be possible because of AI? I’m just starting to enjoy coding so I wanted to see what more experienced people think.

I can imagine some applications where it could make my job easier, but I don’t think it will substantially affect us.


One year to gain enough skills and experience to be job-ready is a very aggressive goal. Some people are able to do it that quickly, so I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s reasonable to expect more time than that. Try to remember that the traditional education path takes 4 years. I do not believe that the current popularity of generative ai programs will change this at all.

How much time per day would I need to put into studying coding so I’d be ready in a year and what would you suggest I study?

What was it like for you? How long did it take you and how many hours per day and per week did you put in?

No, I wouldn’t worry.

The current AI tools are good at basic tasks but they still have a very long ways to replace developers.

For example, I was working on adding some github action scripts and decided to ask Chat GPT for help.
Well, that was a mistake because it kept spitting out the incorrect answer because it doesn’t test anything.
I quickly go tired of asking and just googled around and kept experimenting until I go it working.

Chat GPT is great if you want to build simple applications like a random quote generator or calculator. Reason being is because there are already tons of solutions out there so it just pulls from what is already out there.

But if you need to build complex applications for businesses, the tooling simply isn’t there.

AI tools will continue to get better over time but we are a long time away from getting replaced by it.

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Its hard to quantify because it isn’t always clear what makes you “ready” for an entry level job, there are just too many factors, like:

  • personal background
  • general learning speed
  • job market your applying to
  • quality of hours
  • etc

Personally I have 0 clue how many individual hours/days/months I’d say I spent to be “job ready”. Once I had a job I didn’t feel ready either, as there was too much to learn. You could say getting the job would be enough, but even that is hard to judge as I got the job by doing work for the company I got hired from before I worked for them?

You could also say the project(s) I did before my first “official job” could be included, or not included as I did these projects for work, but that work wasn’t for development.

Maybe you could just segment the amount of time I spent in school before I got a “dev job”, which would be 4 years. That wouldn’t include all the side-work I put in before school, or during school.

I know people who spent incredible amounts of time “studying” relative to what I was putting in, but ended up going nowhere for it. I also know people who spent significantly less time doing totally different things, and still getting where they wanted to go. For example, I knew someone who went from basically 0 to development job in 8 months of insanely hard work. I also knew someone who spent years studying for coding interviews at FAANG companies after graduating school, and not getting into these sorts of jobs.

Ultimately your milage-may-vary. If your in a time-crunch, I’d consider everything relative to that. If your just trying to gauge how long it would take, its really hard to say early on because there’s too many unknowns. If you are just trying to get an idea of how much there would be to learn, I’d recommend looking at a job posting in your area and getting an idea of what they are looking for, then taking that and “working backwards” to see how much/difficult it would be to learn what is being sought for. Odds are its a lot, which would be true regardless of your background and previous experience.

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