How many hours should i code a day

Fairly new here. I was wondering how many hours I should learn to code a day( mostly on freecodecamp) to be job ready in 3 months. Assume I am a beginner. Thanks.

No one can know this except for you. If you are an absolute beginner than 3 months is certainly an ambitious goal. Good luck.


bootcamps that promise job-readiness in three months usually go with 60-80 hours per week

it’s really ambitious, you are learning new stuff, a new way of thinking…
you can certainly start applying to jobs in three months, but you can’t stop learning there, applying you will sometimes get feedback on stuff you are missing, or find a technology that is frequently mentioned…

you need to keep in mind, this is a field where you need to keep learning for as long you are in it.
it’s a marathon, but it doesn’t have an end goal, to survive you need to keep running (learning) for ever
it’s better if you do one hour per day each day than if you do 80 hours in a week and then stop because you are burnt out.

you need to find your balance, learn a thing well before going to next one, do not try to learn everything at once



What kind of job are you looking for?
If you are a newbie, but have a talent for this, you might get job ready (HTML5, CSS3 , Bootstrap, static websites) in 3 months if you have 2-3 hours to study each day. If you want to add (vanilla) javascript, you are more looking at full-time study.

But basically it is almost impossible to predict when you will be ready, without knowing your background, skills, motivation, … If you need money or a job, look for one you qualify for right now, and study in your spare time. Some success stories (first job as junior web dev) I have seen vary between 6 months and 2 years of study.


Becoming job ready in 3 months with 1-3 hours a day is very unrealistic.

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Honestly, I’m extremely dubious of the claims to be “job ready” in 3 months regardless of how many hours per day you put in.


If you focus on HTML, CSS and maybe Bootstrap, you can become very proficient in it in 3 months depending on how much time and energy you are willing to commit and if you have a knack for it. Whether you are job ready or not, depends on the what the original poster has in mind as job, where he or she lives, …
But all the courses and videos mentioning 3 months, 3 weeks, one day, 4 hours, … , create very unrealistic expectations.

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It’s almost impossible to go from total beginner to job ready in three months.

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I’m starting to feel very inadequate if people can get Dev jobs in three months.

Not throwing shade on you, OP-- if you can do it, that’s awesome!


Well, it really also depends on the job. Just look on some of the so-called freelance sites, the quality, and hence the barrier-to-entry is (can be) super low. If you can find a place that isn’t going to pay you much and do not care much about the quality of the work done, I’m sure 3 months will prepare you just fine for such a job.

But I wouldn’t suggest you take such a job unless you absolutely have to, or you just do it to get some work experience. Just know, taking such a job can have a real negative impact on the job market (this also depends on the country).

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Hi. If you want to optimize your time and impress your employer, you’d better show some app in places like Github. This shows that you love coding and computation. Bye

Beginner? Ready for job in 3 months? I don’t know but… I find this impossible, at least for me.

Coding is like an iceberg, on your first 3 months, you’re only see the surface. You need to dive, deep and deeper which is took another months or years. What do I found is, 3 month is somewhat unrealistic, but 6 month? It’s good. But result will vary.

Depend, but you have to discipline. Some people who have a lot of free time spend 8 hours a day, 2 at morning, 2 at noon, and so on. Some people who work at 9 to 5 spend their night to learn code, which is about 2 - 4 hours.
You should adjust it with yourself.