Get a job as a JS Jr. developer in 6 months

How many hours a day do you recommend learning web development to apply for a job as a jr web developer (at least) in about 6 months? I am following the freeCodeCamp web development course, and an Udemy Master in JS course (where they teach apart from JS, angular, nodejs, jQuery, etc) , which takes 35 hours of video in total.
Actually, I’m taking 3-4 hours per day and I handle the basics of HTML, CSS and JS.


Honestly, It’s up to you and you only !!
What’s your learning pace, how easily you are able to pick up new information and most importantly are you able to use your knowledge to build something.

If you learn at a good pace and retain it, you may be job-ready in 4 months or so.

Hope this helps!


I just can say… THANK YOU.

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Wow, you and I are actually using the same study materials. I am currently taking a Udemy course that I purchased in December and I just found the free code camp last week. Everyone’s learning curve is different. If you want to learning at a higher rate, you need to study 3 plus hours per day. Don’t cram the information too much or else you won’t retain it.

This isn’t an easy thing to nail down. Typically a boot camp will promise about 480 hrs of course work will get you job ready. In reality, you could go upwards to double that amount + the time it takes to apply for jobs and iterate through the interview process before you get a job offer. 6 month is doable, but very ambitious.

It’s really all about if you’re really learning versus just following tutorials. Tutorials can only get you so far if you’re not retaining the information and preventing skill/knowledge decay.

I’d say don’t get to caught up on timeline and focus on just incrementally accomplishing things. You want to get to a point where your can comfortably and confidently talk about your projects technically to others and when people ask you technical questions, your first instinct is not to google for an answer.

In term of finding a job, the competency in job search and communication is almost equally as important as technical competency. So on top of just studying and learning materials, you also have to be mindful of how you’re crafting your CV/portfolios, are you making meaningful connections to recruiters, HR managers, other developers…etc

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