Aiming to freelance - need some guidance

I’ve recently lost my job due to Covid-19. I need to start earning money within the next 4 months so that I can add to my finance’s income, the earlier the better. I enjoy being creative, and feel like I’ve overcome some inner barriers to being successful. I was planning a career change before Covid-19 hit, so this has just forced me to take the plunge into a more creative, enjoyable career. I graduated in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications BSc at Bradford University (U.K) in 2001. I hand coded a basic website using HTML and CSS about 12 years ago, intending to start freelance web developement. My relationship with the second client (family) became difficult and I didn’t complete the website, then I gave up on web development.

My plan at the moment is to learn how to build basic Wordpress sites, then start building Wordpress websites to bring in some money. Alongside this I plan to re-learn HTML and CSS, and learn Javascript with a view to building more customised Wordpress sites (editing HTML and CSS) and eventually building sites from scratch.

I’m managing to work 18hrs a week at the moment. Most of the day I am caring for my two year old while my fiance works. I am thinking of ways to increase the number of hours I am working. I will be able to increase my hours in January when my fiance is on maternity leave.

I have a few questions:

  1. Does it make sense to aim to build simple Wordpress websites to bring money in during the Covid-19 outbreak, while I re-learn HTML, CSS and javascript? Are there clients out there needing simple websites?

  2. Does anyone have any suggestion for resources for learning freelance web development skills (Marketing, cold calling, drawing up contracts)?

  3. Any suggestions for other resources (to pair with freecodecamp) for learning HTML, CSS and javascript?

  4. What are the web development options available to a freelance web developer? I’m aware of Wordpress customising using HTML/CSS. I’ve heard of Bootstrap, but don’t really understand it. I’m aware of coding HTML/CSS/Javascript by hand. I’d really appreaciate some guidance in this area, so that I can get some focus for my learning.

I’m really grateful for this community

Thanks in advance

It nice to see your positivity. I havnt done any word press. But I think a good starting language is C#. You can use it for web mobile and desktop applications. Once you get comfortable there are so many things you can built to showcase your skills. For cheap courses probably search in Udemy. They have really good courses and most of them are cheap or go on special very often. Hope this helps. Btw dont give up. Good luck