All challenges mandatory?

I started the challenges on freecodecamp, but I don’t see any way to skip them?

I already know HTML, CSS, SQL and some PHP, and I joined with the intention of improving my JS.

On my mobile, I don’t see any way to skip the "replace the ‘p’ tag or add the ‘blue’ class.

There’s no option in the menu, and hitting the logo keeps redirecting me back to the same point in the cgallenge.

You can always jump to a new challenge using the map. If you want to claim the certificates, you must complete all challenges which are marked with a * on the map.

Thanks, I’ve done that, and completed the first challenges.

I’ve moved onto the JS tutorials, but every time I load fcc it redirects me to the last HTML tutorial I was on.

Is there any way to skip these or mark as read?

So that when I load fcc it continues where I last left off?

It sounds like you may have an application or browser setting that is clearing your cookies regularly. That’s how FCC tracks where you last left off:

Ah, ok. I’m using Brave browser, so I’ll disable the tracking blocking and see how I get on.