Almost completed back-end cert

I finally decided I was going to finish FCC, and I’m on the “Dynamic Web Applicaiton Projects” section.


Someone mentioned that the beta is going to be released on Christmas… and after checking the beta it seems that none of these projects are in the beta. :scream:

I’m almost done with the voting app and had planned to finish all of the projects by January ( 2-3 days for each project ) but now it seems I can’t :sob: Should I just claim the back-end cert now and link to where the projects will be? :confounded:

I’ll still probably do these projects either way because there are none like it on the beta afaik. These are the best projects. why were they removed?

Extensive conversation about projects and certifications in this thread:

Of course read Ariel’s link.

But I’d just add, just be sure to save all your work because many of the challenges will be recycled. Even make sure and go back and save the algorithm challenges that you did.

Save your old progress with this, if you like,

All of your completed solutions on Free Code Camp should show up just fine once the new curriculum goes live, but creating your own copies is always a good idea:

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Even if you no longer get points for the challenges you still get valuable experience and practice.