Am I allowed to use Vue JS framework for the projects?

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I have learned VueJS as required by my employment.
ReactJS seems like a different learning curve.

Can I use Vue JS framework to complete my FreeCodeCamp projects?
If not, then I will start with ReactJS.

The first five projects you do in front-end development are static pages using plain HTML/CSS. Some people use a CSS preprocessor like Less or Sass, but that’s about it. The next batch are more complex and interactive, and those will benefit from using something like Vue.js or React. In fact, the project descriptions specifically say you can use it. You can in fact use anything you want to implement those projects, as long as it’s your work being done in the end.

React is one of those “easy to learn, hard to master” things. Once you get the hang of JSX, it’s actually incredibly simple, especially when you use mostly functional components. More so if you already know something else like Vue.js.