Can I do React projects with Vue.js?


I’ve come to the Data Visualization challenges in FCC, however it specifically says “React Projects”.

Is it not possible for me to make the projects in another library/framework like Vue.js or Angular 2?

I have worked quite extensively with both ReactJS and React Native now, and thought it would be interesting to do one of the challenges with another technology.

You can use whatever library/framework you want.


I had the same question, glad to see this is an option. But what about the volunteer projects? If I know Vue and the partner knows React, is this a non-starter?

If you can learn one, then the it likely wouldn’t be too much to learn the other at least at a basic level. With programming, there will always be something new to learn.

In the event that your hypothetical happens, you can talk about the pros/cons of each and decide together.