Using Angular 2 for Data Visualization Certification?

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Can I use Angular 2 instead of React JS for Data Visualization Certification?
Each project’s guide line states “Use whichever libraries or APIs you need. Give it your own personal style”. And I see that there is no available React tutorial yet. Since I found some online tutorials for the Angular 2, so I am wondering if I can build projects for the Data Visualization Certification using Angular 2 instead of React?

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Absolutely, you can use whatever you like.

Thank you. Actually, the Rule#2 for the first two project on a video (not the textual version of it) says that I must use the React, SASS and the other one says that I must use D3. So, sounds like I can not use Angular 2 but must use the React .

The videos are outdated. I believe you can use anything you want.

These rules were removed (to allow all kinds of technologies):

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Thank you, very much!