Looking for Angular 2 partners to work on Data Viz projects

Hi guys,

I’m really keen to learn Angular 2 (well actually, Angular 4 now) and complete the Data Viz Cert using it. Is there anyone else out there keen to learn Angular and have a go at building some front end apps?

Here is my first version of the Bar Chart App – https://dist-cioxyaqabb.now.sh/

It wasn’t too hard, but still, I want to create some nice looking components / UI :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are interested in learning Angular!!

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@JackEdwardLyons I support your idea of learning Angular 4 as part of Front-End. It would be good to also have lessons comparing Angular 2 to Angular 4. We should have simple and advanced project using Angular 4 as criteria ( or some other options for those not interested to learn Angular) to complete the Front End Certification.

I am okay to partner with you to learn Angular and apply to your project.

Thanks… currently I am working on a personal project in Vue js – It’s a USA roadtrip app, I’m basically done, but I would love to integrate another API for hotel data, attractions and things to do data as well.