Front End 99% done.. next step?

Other than the Twitch project which I’ve ignored since I’m just not at all interested in it I’ve done the front end! I’m wondering what I should do next though. I’m hesitant to move on to Data vis as it looks incomplete, but when the beta is released it appears it will be flushed out. Would I be lost if I started now? Should I work on something else like a udemy course while I wait for the beta to be fully released? I really enjoyed the last projects: tic tac toe, simon, ect., I’m thinking of coming up with my own project in a similar fashion and spending a bit of time with that. I could really use a suggestion for some structure though!

I’ve been in a similar situation for the last few months, actually. I took a Udemy course on Angular 2, finished most of that and then tried building a personl prove-to-myself-I-can-work-with-this project. I’ve been stumbling back and forth between the beta and the current FCC back-end challenges.

If you don’t want to explore other resources, the FCC beta actually has a lot of stuff that is already working and worth checking out.

For one, I would recommend going through the section of the FCC beta on web accessibility. It made me realize I was using a lot of HTML tags “wrong,” and clued me in on a lot of issues I was barely cognizant of after doing the current front end cert.

The section on object oriented programming is also quite good. I remember leaving the section on methods with just a mental note that some day I should try to understand objects better, but now (and after using Angular 2 for a while) I feel a lot better with objects. (Well, i guess almost everything in JS is an object, but you know what I mean…)

There is also good stuff on the beta about keyframe animations and a few other things that weren’t covered in the original. Those are totally worth checking out.

So, unless you want to move into the back-end stuff, I would recommend doing those. You’ll run into stuff you already know, but it’s easy enough to skip past and often a good refresher. But all that will probably only take you a couple days. Personally, I’d suggest (looking over the above and then) trying to find some other resources for now, and come back to the FCC challenges when the Beta goes live.


@gtrabbit Thank you for the advice on what you found useful on the beta. I will definitely check those things out as they will definitely be a big help to me.

@P1xt Guess I never thought of jumping ahead, but now that you mention it I’m liking that idea.

How do you “join” the speed run? This is what I’ve been doing anyway, but I’m not sure how to use the repo you have listed.

I jumped ahead to the back-end, learned Node, and did the api projects, and I am now learning some React and D3 before doing the final back-end projects.

D3 is completely independent of React, Node, etc. You can do it with a intermediate knowledge of just JS and HTML.
Node does not require D3, but having a solid knowledge of the client definitely helps.

My opinion - learn a front-end framework like Vue / Angular 2, or a view controller library like React. Combine this with some preprocessors, Pug, Sass or Stylus, and you will have a good grasp on the client. Then you can go on to the back-end, and hit D3 whenever you want as its mostly independent.


Appreciate the clarification on backend, I will be having a look :slight_smile:

That’s cool. I’ve done most of them already…does it make sense to start commiting code there so it’s organized if I already have individual repos? I have a local working system / flow right now, but I’m in no way “experienced” I just keep doing what’s been workign and always looking for better ways to work.

I am doing that with the javascript 30 course and agree, it’s ncie to have them collectively in one place instead of littering my hard drive during development.