How to prepare for data visualization projects

Hello guys,

I am on my way to finish my front-end certification. As I can see in data visualisation part there are projects, but there is no trainining material yet.

So my question is how do you guys prepare for these projects, could you share your experiences and resources you were using to complete it.

PS. anoyone knows when the assignments/lectures for DV are comming ?

Thank you.


Your message is from September. It is December and I don´t find information on this topic. Do you have any news? Is FCC on a stand-by mode? :frowning:


Thanks for your reply. I guess that it has to be very difficult to go on with a project that does not even accept donations. Wikipedia does! I whished that the FCC wiki had succeded. This forum is a very nice source of information, but it would make sense to save the best replies to certain topics and structure them as a FAQ, a much more comprenhensive one.

I have seen that people is going directly to the back end certification. So will I. Addtionally I am surprised to see so many people here complaining about react. I have never used any framework, but from what I read in other places I though that react was just a library, and not complex, compared to angular. Not what I read here, though. I will have to do some research I guess.

thanx for your reply!

FCC does not take donations directly, however you can “donate” by purchasing fundraiser items in the shop. We also have a ton of contributors, we are one of the most contributed organizations on GitHub, and we have the most stars out of any open source project. Also, there is a wiki! Feel free to edit it any time you like, I believe there is a wiki post with resources, you can edit that or make a new FAQ one.

Also, there are tons of people here on the forums who like React. Why do you think Quincy Larson, Berkley Martinez, and the other leaders went with it? React is not a little library like jQuery or something. You have to learn React, as well as additional skills such as JSX, ES6, Webpack/babel, flux/redux, etc. I decided to learn React instead of Angular, and I have really enjoyed learning it!

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Thanx again. You are making my point. I want that guidance as to what I need to learn, I whish I could get it from FCC. I don´t want a ton of people telling me or a ton of articles/post… I just want a few very reliable guides from people wth true knwoledge that have earned their reputation. We have too many opinions knowadays. Not thay I have anything against them, but the trees just do not let us see the forrest! :slight_smile:

Maybe I should just get a couple of good books! The old way has it very good things.


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Hello @fuecisla,

Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t done any of these projects, instead of it i dived into angular 2 with typescript.

There is two courses on udemy which helped me learn ng2.

1. Understanding typescript
2. Learn angular by building 12 apps

The first links will explain you a typescript and some of oop principles used there. So if you have no experience in it i really recommend to start off with it.

The second course is not very theoretical but it uses another technologies beside ng2 like, mean stack, firebase, angluar-cli, ionic2 some different API’s as well. If you find it to hard and need more explanationatory course, check angular 2 course from Maximilian Schwarzmuller, I felt that that course was too much in detail.

For the motivation: I have started working at the company as a freelancer with some really intresting projects after I learned ng2 and built some apps of my own. So good luck with your furhter learning and career.

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Our curriculum expansion process is coming along steadily. We had a bit of scope creep (now all project challenges come with automated test suites) and we will cover quite a few additional topics (nearly 1,000 new challenges in total).

Also, I want to point out that our wiki is alive and well, here on this forum:

There are hundreds of articles, and you can easily contribute to them:


Moderatooooor!!! Do I get a badge? Do I get a badge? Come on I can have a badge, right?

( Just when I was thinking I had very mixed feelings towards @P1xt for upsetting my whole world by recommending Back-End first, except that I’m also very excited about it - hence the mixed part I guess).

I can have a badge, right?

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Well I’m not a special snowflake (actually I am but not in this field :smile:) but starting with the back-end has now taken my fancy. That being said I had already installed node.js / npm but now it’s not letting me do the whoiam thingy. So i’m trying to uninstall - maybe it is because I installed it not as administrator and it went to the AppData files.

Duh. Now I think I’ve messed up everything ! Anyhow, thanks a lot !

  • one can be super dedicated AND be pressured by external motives - …
    [edit] hmmm how about I stick to one thing at a time ? Newbies beware !

thank your very much for your reply. I am even a little ashamed to steal your time by “making” you reply to my comments.

I thought that the wiki was going to dissapear or be merged with the forum (I hope it does not). Don´t you think the wiki deserves more visibility? Maybe a link on FCC nav bar? May be a more visible link inside the forum?


I guess that from the point of view of getting a job it may make sense. However, looks like frontend is… easier? I mean for someone with no coding experience. Backend is much more nerdy and boring :smile:.

I am joking. In fact, I am much more attracted to data than to design. When learning JS I whish I was more intelligent and when I get to understand… it feels good!!!. When learning Css, even when making progress I can´t avoid thinking it is… obnoxious??

Any how… the truth is that I am not sure what to do. I have finised the Frontend projects without using Bootstrap nor JQuery. It did not feel right to be doing things using them before I knew better JS. Also, did not feel the need. But know… React? Angular? Do i need them? what for? I dont understand what is the point. I do know a little bit about databases and see very clearly how usefull it is to talk to the server and use data. Backend seems like the right move…is it not? :confused: