Using Vue for React projects?

Will they be accepted or do we have to use React. I’m asking because I would rather learn Vue first, and if I’m going to spend time on it I may as well do the Data Visualization projects with it. So is using React mandatory to get the certificate?

Since you posted in General, I’ll give you my thoughts: it is (mandatory).

Probably learning Vue will help you wrap your head around some front-end framework concept but here you have an ‘exam’ about React: at the end of the story the certification will state that you know how to build stuff with that framework, not just with ‘a’ front-end framework.
I’m pretty sure you can learn a lot better doing the projects both in React and Vue but it needs more time obviously ( I purchased an Angular course on Udemy few days before to realize the FCC path would have brought me to React, and it is still in the drower :smirk:)

Ah I see, thanks. I’ll just stick with react for now then

Learning Vue first is an excellent idea. It’s simpler than React or Angular and easier to pick up, but it will give you a good intro to component-based frameworks. However, there is not much demand for it yet, so you should probably use it as a stepping stone to React or Angular (which has a very similar basic syntax and structure.

Don’t worry about the certificates. They are worth exactly nothing. The projects you build and deploy are what matters, plus the quality of your code.