Am I Learning / Understanding?

Hi everyone,

I’m on step 43 of the Cafe Menu after completing the cat website. I continue to move through the steps, but that’s because I can keep trying if I’m wrong and look at old code to copy and paste.

I’m concerned I’m not really learning. For example, I’m not really sure what a <div> or <article> does. I’m also a bit mixed up with the words class, attributes and elements. I’m wondering if I should just continue to persist trusting that redundant application will eventually mold my learning or if I should stop now and try to read up on the specifics.

I’m also doing SoloLearn exercises to supplement my Free Code Academy work so again, I’m hoping redundant exercises will eventually reinforce my understanding even if I don’t fully get it right now.

Thoughts and feedback is welcome.


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I did learn with freeCodeCamp, and it really gave me a good understanding of html and css. Sometimes if I didn’t know what anything meant, I would use this website. (W3schools)
If you click on the link on the top of their page you can see ‘html’ ‘css’ ‘javascript’ etc. If you need to know something about html you click on it, and it will give you a breakdown of everything about html. Same with css.

An element it is something that has an opening tag, content and a closing tag. Examples: <p></p> ,
<h2></h2> ,
An attribute is like something you use to give the element information or to design it. And usually they have to have a value. Examples: <a **href**="link"></a> ,
<div **class**="box"></div> ,
<form id="survey-form"></form>
A class is an attribute that we use to select to use specific elements in css and javascript. Example:
<div class="box"></div>
Here is an image that might make things more clearer as I am not so good with explaining.:

If you enjoy coding, I don’t suggest giving up on it. I remember when I first started coding, I didn’t know what was going on, or what I was doing. I barely even understood the terms. But it is an incredible experience. So it might be confusing at first, but with more time and practice, you get more experience and knowledge, and then you can work from there.

You can also watch the html/css videos that are provided from freeCodeCamp. Here is a full HTML course by fCC:

One person who goes as supersimpledev, he also made a full html and css course video, an I would recommend this to anyone:

Anyways, sorry for the extra long message. If you need any help you can always make a post on the forum, I’m sure someone will respond.
Happy coding!


Thanks for your enthusiastic response. I guess I do know what those things mean, but I’m toggling back and forth between FCA and then Solo Learn on my phone and like I said, I’m progressing through the lessons yet if you gave me a blank text editor and told me to recreate one of these exercises I wouldn’t be able too at this point.

Is that to be expected?

How long into your studies did it take you before you started really getting it and became confident you’ll pave forward?

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I think this may be able to help you understand many different HTML aspects as it is for beginners, and really provides clear explanations and examples.

Happy coding!

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I suggest few steps

  1. Finding learning partner/s and do the learning process together

  2. Look into forum queries daily and try to solve others questions

  3. Watch most popular YT videos as well

  4. Most important thing, real learning will only come when you’ll start building real world projects on your own ( do checkout Frontend mentor website )

For now don’t worry about

or , just learn and keep building; you will get it eventually once you build enough projects on your own ( googling and stackoverflow assistance as well )

Yes, that is to be expected. I think it took me like a good few months, maybe 5 because I wasn’t constant on my practicing. But everyone is different. It will take some people quicker to understand, and others longer. I suggest you keep doing projects until you feel confident, then try doing one of the certificate projects.