Hello People, I need help. I don’t seem to really understand javascript. I get the concept and uses but it confuses me so much and i just find myself clueless when i am about to begin a task. Please help with your words of encouragement and any helpful article, videos or materials. Thanks in advance

Hey there! It’s totally okay to feel confused when you’re learning something new, especially a complex language like JavaScript. Remember, every developer, no matter how experienced, started from scratch at some point.

First off, kudos to you for acknowledging your confusion and seeking help! That’s the first step towards mastering anything.

Here’s some encouragement: Learning JavaScript opens up a world of possibilities in web development, from creating interactive websites to building powerful web applications. It’s a journey worth taking, and every small step you take gets you closer to your goal.

Now, for resources:

  1. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN): This is one of the best resources for learning JavaScript. They have comprehensive guides and tutorials for beginners and advanced learners alike. Start with their JavaScript guide here: MDN JavaScript Guide
  2. FreeCodeCamp: They offer a free JavaScript course that’s interactive and beginner-friendly. It’s a great way to get hands-on experience while learning. Here’s the link: FreeCodeCamp JavaScript Course
  3. YouTube: There are tons of great YouTube channels dedicated to teaching JavaScript. Two popular ones are Traversy Media and The Net Ninja. They have playlists specifically for beginners.
  4. Books: If you prefer learning from books, “Eloquent JavaScript” by Marijn Haverbeke is highly recommended for beginners.
  5. Practice: The key to mastering JavaScript (or any programming language) is practice. Start with small projects, like building a to-do list or a simple calculator, and gradually work your way up to more complex projects.

Remember, it’s okay to take breaks when you feel overwhelmed, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You got this! Keep pushing forward, and you’ll eventually become proficient in JavaScript.

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Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s so refreshing to read from you. I have downloaded the recommended book and i will practice more. Thanks so much