Am I the only one who got PTSD from Stackoverflow?

Basically, all questions I asked(even if they follow the rules and stuff like that) got downvoted or flagged or gets mocked by others.

It seems that mods want to show that they have the “control” by doing so.

I’m now nervous to ask anything there. Am I the only one who feels the same?

No, but if it is happening to you over and over again it suggests you’re misunderstanding how SO works and doing something consistently wrong.

The downvoting is a blunt tool and causes a lot of headaches, particularly for new users, but there aren’t many alternative mechanisms that keep the quality of useful questions/answers relatively high. Mocking answers: that’s unusual, and it is quite common for new users to read terse replies as being mocking, when they aren’t. It’s community edited, so ‘mods’ could mean almost anyone on the site.

SO is not a discussion forum, and general questions/questions perceived as duplicates/questions not perceived as good will normally be downvoted