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I’m thinking about starting an Amazon affiliate site. Where the site provides links to products on Amazon and people click on the links and are referred to the product page on Amazon and hopefully buy the product. I don’t expect a lot of income from it but a few dollars would be cool

I know next to nothing about this idea next to what I found out from a basic google search. It looks like the most efficient way to do this is a Wordpress site. I want to know, has anyone had experience doing something like this? How difficult is it? Is there anything a beginner should know about a site like this? Thanks

I would assume that you need to have content (and traffic) first.

So you think I should build a site and worry about the Amazon part later after the site has traffic?

You just sign up for Amazon Associates and they give you a way to turn any amazon link into an affiliate link. You can use them on any website, Wordpress just has plugins that convert amazon links automatically is all.

Don’t post affiliate links here, nor any public forum, and it’s common courtesy to disclose on your own site that you’re using affiliate links. And yes, concentrate on actual traffic first. Actually, focus on decent content first, then drive traffic to it, then monetize.

Oh, and if you do start using affiliate links, please look up how to “stack” them with Amazon Smile. They’re probably contributing only about 0.001% of Bezos’s personal wealth alone, but better than nothing.


@chuckadams solid advice thank you, I will make sure not to post the links here. The whole thing does come off a little bit money hungry or something like that. Great idea to be clear to the users of the site that I’m using affiliate links. For now i will focus on making the site look good and having it be a good experience for the user without the links themselves

Any monetization is “money hungry”, sure, but it beats banner ads or worse, selling peoples’ personal info. Hosting ain’t free (*), so you either solicit donations, eat the cost, or monetize. Whether it’s crass or reasonable all depends how you go about it.

(* - Then there’s stuff like YouTube where the hosting is free. Quality content still costs though)

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