Can you monetize a static website?

I know that you can get paid through adsense and PCP, among other things, however, are affiliate links possible with just using HTML and CSS? I read somewhere online that it is now possible without Javascript. Furthermore, are there any other ideas to monetize a static website?

The reason I am asking is I will be finishing my Responsive Web Design Certification soon and want to start practicing building a website. I am looking just to make a few dollars (nothing huge) while practicing and nailing this first part down before moving onto Javascript to implement the next phase of my business idea.

Thanks in advance!

I think the biggest challenge will be getting traffic to your site to get your dollars.
How do you intend to deploy your monetisation? Stalking ads that follow people around or some other way?
It may be a good idea to check the docs for whichever affiliate service you use or ask their support directly.


Sorry for the delay in replying. I wanted to try and deploy my monetization by implementing affiliate sales links along with static ads. I will be doing in-depth review on products starting off for the static websites. Later on when I learn Java-script and the other necessary criteria I will be creating teaching curriculum’s that people can buy.

To start off with I just wanted to earn a little bit with affiliate links and a few ads on my pages. This is possible with just the HTML and CSS part of it, right?