Angellist - How hard to find a $10/hr internship?

Some may take offense to this but hear me out: I don’t actually care about my first year earnings that much as long as my low monthly expenses are covered. Corporate experience is what I’m after.

I hear a lot of Angellist posters are hoping to find someone for free, so is even a $10/hr internship hard to find there? Or should one of those be easy to catch for a dev with multiple full stack JS apps in his portfolio?

If you want to find corporate internships, ask the corporations directly. Don’t just throw an application at them: contact their HR and ask about their internship programs. You should be interviewing them as much as they are you. Sites like the ironically misnamed Angellist some of these cheap job boards are just full of cheap greedy assholes looking to take advantage of people, and letting them get away with that hurts the entire industry.

Just to clarify, are you saying Angellist is a middleman? I thought it was just a job board for startup companies.

A “startup” paying $0 is nothing of the sort – equity-only positions are for founding members, not randos you hire off the street.

But alas, I’m mis-characterizing Angellist, which is actually a pretty legit outfit. I confused them with someone else.

Good luck. I’ve applied for years to various company’s simply to get a basic job that would allow me to use a computer and I never hear back. However…someone like my ex who has a lot less experience using computers or even programming can get one. Makes absolutely no sense.

if you want some help with resume and such, you could open your own thread about that in #career