Angular 4 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide

This class was recommended to me recently and because I was doing a “build-to-learn” group project that uses Angular 2 I took it.

First of all - Holy Cow! This is a lot of content. There are 329 lectures with 22 hours of video. There is is a sample project for nearly every one of the 28 course modules, 5 homework assignments and a build as you go project that results in an Angular project with a backend that uses AWS as the server and firebase as the database that you actually deploy. It took me about 3 months working nearly consistently 2 -3 hours a day to complete. Heck, the module on Routing has 31 lectures!

I’d like to take a moment to compare this with Wes Bos’ react class that I know is quite popular and that I took before I took this class. (I know these are different technologies but if you are deciding which way to go like I was, this is a useful comparison.) Like Wes Bos, Max has an excellent lecture style, explaining every concept in excruciating detail very clearly. Wes’ class builds a nice sample project which you also end up deploying (it also uses Firebase for data storage). I think the major difference is that Wes’ class has a rather passive approach - even if you follow along and build the project you aren’t really figuring out how to do things on your own - Max has you do the homework and also while building the course project you are encouraged at different points to stop the video and do sections on your own - this definitely helped me to grasp the concepts much better - I finished the course feeling like I could really do an angular project (I am working on a MEAN stack build-to-learn project) where I didn’t have that feeling after I finished Wes’ class.

This course is PACKED with topics, Angular is written in Typescript which there is a section on, A section on Authorization, a section on HTTP, and a section on deploying the app. Even more helpful, he goes over setting up a seed project from the ground up which uses Webpack - he really took the mystery out of the build process.

In summary, this course is an excellent value at $179 (and Udemy often has courses on sale - grab it up if it is!). It feels like a full semester college course and I got SO MUCH out of it! Max also offers a full stack class which I took at the same time as the Angular 4 class and it nicely put some concepts together for me. I highly recommend both classes but especially the Angular 4 class - you will not only learn it, you will Master it!


You took angular and react class, which technology do you prefer and which did you find easier to learn and use?

The course is on sale today (7/31) for $10, ends at midnight PDT.

At the moment i prefer Angular - the struture and flow of the different elements of Angular make sense to me. I had a hard time understanding the way to structure a react app - im getting ready to revisit it, and am hoping to join a cohort or group that i can do a project with.

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This is a total steal.

I’m also taking this course (about 1/3 of the way through). I’m a professional Angular developer and I get good information from this course about once a week.

Agreed, this course is great. Maximilian is a great instructor, and one of very few that I know on Udemy that updates his content consistently. This one specifically, is the most thorough guide/tutorial on Angular you can find at the moment. It’s awesome


Luckily I saw this and the class was still on sale. I have some familiarity with angular but I am always looking to level up. Thanks for the heads up. It is on sale for another 12 hours. How do you say no to $10?

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nah nope not in a million years?

Max has just added three bonus sections to this class - NgRx, the HttpClient, and Angular Universal, even more great content!

Also in this class, it is a very good course indeed. It is now also updated -minor changes- to angular 5.

I have to say, that course is AMAZING, I have been working with React and Angular for a couple of years and that guy is an excellent teacher and the good part is that he always is been updating the course. I have bought 4 of his courses and he is really good, even for somebody as me that just bought the courses to review what I was learning at the job.

He is also creating new courses and if you are involved in one of them he gives you good discounts for the next one.

I really recommend his courses.

pd: The only thing I don’t like from that course, is that he spend too much explaining some stuff for bootstrap… but of course that is good for people who is learning those languages.

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I learned Angular on Pluralsight, but I’ve done Max’s Vue.js course on Udemy and I have to say he is one of the top two or three teachers I’ve watched. He lessons are wonderfully clear and detailed. But what I like best about him is that he is ready to go under the hood and explain the why, not just the how - he does this just enough to make things clear but no so much that you feel it’s getting too theoretical. Also, I like his style. He’s a lot more human and less robotic than some teachers.

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I’m at the 18% of the course and I was looking for an idea on how much time is requested to complete. Since I try to put in around 2 hours a day I think from 3 months to 4 to complete in total. So thank you for the clarification. I find the training very clear (I attempted others in different platforms but not so up to date and not so understandable. Max explains why, and that’s priceless.

someone help me to register into this course,

I hope you didn’t really spend $179 for this course. Almost all Udemy courses can be bought within $11.99 (which is the regular price of a course), there’s a sale every two days or so.