Anki flash cards javascript markup

Does anybody knows how to indent javascript code in Anki flashcards software I find the software very useful but my code looks messy I would appreciate help with the issue!

Also if you message me I have already created Anki Cards for all the Front End Development sections(havent gotten to creating the JS ones yet) and would be willing to share. Or you can go to my github page and find them in markdown format.

@marinm, just realized I didn’t answer your question, then realized the edit I made didn’t answer your question… If you use the add on I linked, then look into the upper right hand corner of editor and you see the lighting bolt. Right next to it select markdown. That will do it for you. Before and after


Thank you, that was helpful. I’ll take a look at your decks at github. Thanks

I didn’t even know that Anki was a thing, but now I think I’ll be writing a bunch of cards for it. I’ll start today with some study material for Web Components, but I think we really ought to have some sets that are made for the fCC curriculum.

I found it very helpful but only if I use my own cards. You need to really learn something then create a card by yourself after that I just use Anki to memorize it temporarily. I don’t find it that useful for learning from other people’s deck. But maybe it is just the way my brain works.

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That makes sense, since you’re essentially taking notes and reformulating the information in your own words (very useful for retention), but I think it’s possible to write cards for other people that can do the same. Also, I wouldn’t ever discourage anyone from taking notes on the stuff they learn - I have an entire directory of files where I write down what I learn which not only solidifies the knowledge, but gives me a reference of the stuff I know. I think it’d be good to have something for busier people to download and use for quick review and self testing, too.

It is all about Spaced Repetition.

“Spaced repetition is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.” - Wikipedia entry on Spaced Reptition

If you would like an interesting read all about it then here is a related wired article.

@PortableStick, you say formulating knowledge :sunglasses:

I have this as the first question on some of the "decks of cards"
Q. When should you use these test cards?

A. After you’ve gone through the respective Free Code Camp exercises and understand/learn each challenge. This is not for initial learning, its a quick reinforcement. If you are having trouble remembering some of these answers, try incorporating the idea(like removing a class) into your current project.

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Heres a link to some more javascript cards from this page that has a nice write up about Anki.

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Hey man, are you still willing to share your HTML/CSS cards?