Best Developer Related Anki Decks?

Best developer/programming anki decks?

Looking specifically for:
-Computer Science

And anything that sort of trains programming logic, a la “Think Like a Programmer”, “The Pragmatic Programmer” etc

Any suggestions? Doesn’t have to cover all of the above, just any of the above. Thanks!

The ones you make yourself :grin:

One gets a feel for what to and what not make into a card. I don’t know what level you’re at, but this is my favorite beginner CS book , however it’s in Python.

If anyone knows a comparable book in JS I’d like to see it.

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I guess my thing is - do you put everything in? Do I go through tag by tag with HTML and make a card for each and every tag and attribute?

I know the idea is to keep each card as simple as possible - with that in mind it seems like in HTML alone there are hundreds or even thousands of cards, you know? Do decks that large become unweildy or unuseable? Am I think of it all the wrong way?

Putting every little thing in there is a Sisyphean task (I found that out the hard way). People have written entire multi-part articles on “How to Anki”, but that’s just over complicating it.

What works for me is only making cards for general concepts. Most of my cards are compsci. For example, I made a card for each term in the glossary of the python book I linked above. HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap are best learned just by hacking on.

I’ve used Anki for awhile now and think it’s great, but at the end of the day you don’t want to rely on it too much.

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