Another Option?

Please delete. Thank you very much.

I just use Node personally, and write files in my text editor of choice

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

It’s a JavaScript runtime environment that exists outside of a browser

You can run js files in the terminal via node filename.js

After installing obviously

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you mean by testing, but I think something like the Quokka extension for the VS Code editor might be something of interest for you. I use it all the time.

I use Node and Sublime Text 3 with the buildview package to quickly run stuff and log output.

However, one useful feature of Chrome dev tools is that you can simply press the key to get your previous input back (the last thing you ran). Not sure exactly what your needs are, but this might suffice for light use.

If you need the whole fCC test suite for the challenge to run, you’ll need something more extensive, probably involving cloning the fCC curriculum repo to run the test code directly. However, if you’re able to do this, you’re probably beyond the point where you can learn much from most of the challenges.

Pressing the up key gets you back that content in an editable form.

Firefox has a utility in its dev tools called scratchpad: write JS in the scratchpad, hit run, and then you can test it out in the console. Chrome has a similar feature (though I’ve never found it as usable):