Another pair of eyes on Tribute Page

I’m about to submit a tribute page and would appreciate some reviews. Thanks for your time Campers! :grinning: :+1:

Well, one thing I would suggest you do is to reduce the size of the footer. Otherwise it is pretty neat :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You najmoaden! :+1: That was an easy fix too

You’re welcome! I’m starting right now on this project myself.

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Hey, nice tribute to EVH. Overall the page looks good, but I do have a few things to point out:

  • The white text is hard to read. It is very thin and the color is not consistent or dark enough. I would recommend that instead of using lighter on the font you instead lighten it a little using a specific color. And make sure to verify that the color you choose is accessible.
  • You’ve skipped from h1 to h3. Make it an h2 instead.
  • The iframes should have a title attribute instead of an ```alt`` attribute. And the title text should accurately describe the video. For example, instead of “Link to a Van Halen music video” it should say “11 Iconic Eddie Van Halen Guitar Moments”.
  • The links underneath the videos don’t look like links so I didn’t initially know that they are clickable. I would recommend you add underlines (you did this for the codepen link at the bottom).
  • For the image at the top I would recommend you use a figure/figcaption.
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Thank you bbsmooth! I definitely want to form the habit of being compliant with accessibility best practices. I tackled most of your suggestions.