Another user experience problem

My account states that " Your email has not been verified.
Please check your email, or request a new verification email here."

However, I have clicked the verification link that was sent to my email. I have tried changing my email as well and clicked the verification link for that, but my profile still shows it invalidated.

Additionally, I had to create a new forum account… I tried logging in with my username “cadenceelaina”, but was unable to do so. Then when I selected the option “login with fCC account” and had the passcode sent to my email I was able to login to my forum account, but it had me create a new account. Which is why I am under “cadence_elaina” while writing this. I imagine fCC uses the email code login to avoid having to store usernames and passwords on in a database/server… to save money since its an open source / free platform and I can appreciate that. However, there are many issues that I have experienced in regards to my account. In my opinion the entire account/ email / forum account methodology should be reviewed and streamlined to prevent these issues that I am experiencing.

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That design decision was made on purpose, not because we are cheapskates :upside_down_face:

Note that the learn and forum platforms are totally independent pieces of software that do not share any data. They have totally independent login processes.

The third party login checks for a learn (or forum) account with a matching email address to the third party application that you are using to login.

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You may want to reach out to support at

the forum account is a separate account, even logging in with freecodecamp account you create a new account if you have never been on the forum


Thank you for the explanation. I promise I wasn’t trying to give you a hard time. The email login makes more sense now. I emailed support. With the forum account I am aware that they are separate. However, I had previously made a forum account associated with this account under the user “cadenceelaina”. I made a post on that account. However, when I tried logging into it the other day I was unable to. So, I selected the option to login with my fCC account via email and it instructed me to create a forum account, despite having one already. Idk I just found the inconsistency a little frustrating. Nonetheless I appreciate your help and the platform as a whole!


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