Free Code Camp Data Erased


So. Im logging in to check on a campfire I saw in forums when I notice something… The number next to my avatar is a 1. Not a big deal until you account for the fact that my completed challenges have been completely erased.

Please fix. D:

Trying to figure out the best category for this… There isnt really a bugs section.
I know this will come up, so im just gonna get this out of the way. No I did not press any buttons in the danger zone.

This is almost always caused by using multiple sign-in methods (email and GitHub) resulting in two accounts. Changing you username in GitHub can also mess with connected profiles. I tried looking for a profile for “Cardboard” on FCC, but couldn’t find one. Presumably you are using a different username there?

  • make sure you’re not accidentally logging into the beta site (I know it sounds silly but it happens)
  • try logging in with a different method
  • contact (with beta QA in progress, they might be slower than usual getting back to you)

Regarding a “bugs section”, all bugs are reported and tracked as GitHub Issues.

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Its working now. Thanks for the reply.

I mustve been logging into the beta site.

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