Any advices for a guy new to coding?

Hello Guys ,Im new to coding(programmim) I finished html,css and introduction in codecademy and here i finished responsive web design …but im afraid that i cant be a good programmer cause i cant memorize a lot of codes…any advices for me as a new guy in coding!!!

Don’t stress about memorizing everything. Focus on understanding the concepts.

When you understand the concepts at a fundamental level, the details are less important because you can very quickly look them up.


You don’t need to memorize specific codes. You need to learn how to build solutions to problems with code.


Never you try to memorize code. I will advise you to keep coding.


Slowly but surely build a routine to code everyday. Definitely better to invest 30min every day, than going ham 10h during 3 days. With a marked routine, you can set achievable goals that may lead to milestones. Start with the very basics, understand the concepts (since the facts are easy to lookup), and start preparing your portfolio from the beginning. Lots of luck!

There is no need to cram codes.Coding is all about practicing with comprehension .With that practice you can do anything.Memorizing is bit hard to me also .So I am always
Try to understand the problem then chop it down to simpler tasks .
good luck Friend