Any tips on how to learn react faster?

Hii guys :stuck_out_tongue:
I started learning react and its hard because theres a lot of videos out there on this subject and is reallu hard getting all that info in your head . Or maybe im stuck on tutorial hell

Make a simple personal project with it like a quote generator or a color picker… Something really simple.

I made a few things like a story dice roller, a spell picker for D&D, a random character generator (bunch of random picks from several tables/datasets), a wildshape calculator… Anything that’s simple and relative to your interests.

Do it with create-react-app and you’ll be up and running within a week I’d think, if not sooner.

Yeah, React is very confusing at first. I think you just have to accept it power through. Ethan is offering some good advice too.

Just keep with it. React (and then Redux) are really weird at first. As you get comfortable with them, you realize how elegant and powerful they can be. But yeah, there is a fair amount of confusion before you get there.