Just started with React

…and WOW!

This looks incredible but it’s blowing my mind. I went through JS, CSS, HTML with relative ease but i’m now meeting my match and am having to slow my pace down a bit.

Did anyone else struggle to get their heads around React when they started out with it?

Yes there’s a lot of new concepts to wrap your head around but once you understand the essential concepts like writing components with jsx syntax, state vs props, and component life cycle, it’s pretty straightforward. Took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of. Once you write your first few components it should get easier. Also, I should note that hooks have made React significantly simpler, and they reduce the number of the concepts you have to think about. Many older projects are still using the class based API, but if you’re starting a new project from scratch, I would definitely use hooks instead.

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I think you should watch videos on youtube related to ReactJs. There are many videos on FreeCodeCamp youtube account. For example, you can check that video !

Good Luck !

Absolutely. It’s very conceptually different from what came before. It kind of twists your mind around. And then when you get to redux, the same thing is going to happen. But it’s worth it. I struggled with it for a year and a half, then got hired as a React Native developer. ymmv.

Just keep at it. Yes, there are some strange things. But there are reasons for them. Keep at it, you’ll get it.

Thanks all! Glad to know I’m not alone in taming this beast. I’ll keep at it! :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh, totally, I very vividly remember the “what the hell” feeling when I first encountered React’s syntax and way of organizing the data.

Here’s a review of one lab that I ran for my students, in which I try to help them learn how to think in React. Hope it helps!

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Thanks! A combo of this and the course on codecademy are helping me wrap my head around the basics a little better :slight_smile: