Anyone can help me with my CV

Hi all!

I hope you are ok. My name is Juanma Cantero and I’ve been trying, for almost three years, to get a job as a developer. I have been working for many years in the logistics and supply chain area with different roles and , when I lost my previous job I decided to learn some programming.

At first I chose Python because I was interested in machine learning and big data, due to my background, and that’s what I been practicing the most till now but I’ve also discovered, thanks to freecodecamp, all the front-end languages that we can learn on the platform.

The thing is that I was receiving some phone calls for interviews from time to time, but since the beginning of the quarantine(here in Spain was at the end of February) I have nothing.

I would like to share with you my CV, and I would love to receive any advice that you could give me to improve or to redirect my goals in the correct path. I know that I’m not engineer but I have read the story of many people here in the forum that got their first opportunity without having any engineering degree.

Thank you so much for any advice and your help. Have a great day and take care out there.

One common suggestion I have seen (you can look at other CV feedback posts) is to do not give yourself a level in skills. Instead showcase a couple of projects in which you have used those technologies.

I would say same for spoken languages - instead you could use the A/B/C level or a certificate of some kind if you have it

do not call yourself trainee, you are undervalueting yourself. Sell yourself, show what value you could give to who hires you as a developer showing what you have built


Thank you so much ieahleen for your advises and quick response.

It really helps me a lot. I’ll check other CV feedback posts and I’ll modify my CV having all that in mind.

Have a great day!!

I second what @ilenia said.

I think that having two “skills” section is an overkill, I would rather have one and replace the second one with some projects.

I am also not a big fan of skill metrics.
What does 4/5 in Python means? I think it’s too subjective.
I generally prefer using terms like “proficient” “intermediate”.

That said your main goal is two beat two steps:

1 - convince the HR guy to pass your profile/resume to the tech team,
2 - convince the tech team to give you a shot at a technical interview.

For step #1 you need to portray a clear picture of the technology you are comfortable to work on, as in general the HR person is following a “guideline”.
For example s/he know s/he have to look for someone who knows Python, Jupiter, React and Kotlin, without necessarily knows what this all means.

For step #2, you need to proof that you know what you are talking about, generally speaking having projects will help you in this regard.
It is better also if said project comes with publicly accessible demos, as not many people will spend time looking at your source code, but more likely will play around with a demo (and then if convinced will look at your code).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Good luck :sparkles:


Thank you so much, Marmiz.

All your response are more than helpful. I really need a new perspective to face my job options.

Have a great day!