Anyone preparing Data Anlayst / Scientist / ML engineer jobs -- Study plan + peer programming

Hii, hope everyone is doing well. I am Himanshu Sharma from India. I wrote a similar post a couple years ago related to Web Dev but unfortunately it didn’t pan out as my parents wanted me to complete my degree. Now that I have done it, I am looking for a job as a Data Scientist. I have some experience in Web Dev but am not interested in it very much and my love for mathematics pushes me towards Data related field. I am pretty much a newbie in this field except basic python knowledge. I am looking for similar people who want to get a job as a Data Analyst / Scientist / ML engineer so as to we can prepare together. This will help in better understanding as well as making connections around the world. I have prepared an entire plan for upcoming 3-4 months including DSA prep and almost all the resources included are free.

Please comment below or message me if anyone is interested and serious about building a career in this field. (People from any part of the world are welcome).

Thank You, have a good day :smile:

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