Apart from forum being separate login, strange problems

I kept getting dialog that I could not log in from my IP address. That’s really a strange problem. First, almost nobody owns their IP address and their ISP fairly regularly changes it, since it is only leased. Secondly, my IP address is not outside the US and I’m not using any VPN or proxy. So why does the forum login programming come up with that nonsense?

OK, kept trying clicking on different link to enter login and got message saying it found my email and would send a code shortly. No code was sent. Had to repeat. On final receipt of the code, I immediately clicked on link sent to log in and got that the link was too old and no longer valid!

Finally fed up I tried the “forgot my password” link (I didn’t forget it). Got reset link. Reset the password (well, first used same old one, but programming caught that, although it couldn’t catch that my IP was OK). But since my saved password only references freecodecamp.org and not a further subdirectory of /forum or /learn, it is likely that next time I try to log into the curriculum side, my password will not work and I’ll have to re-set that one, too.

For being such a great learning site, this hitch seems careless.

it’s being worked on, you can follow it here:

it is also planned to unify the forum account and curriculum account

And it’s still not fixed. This is becoming really irritating. Why did FCC get rid of the standard login which worked fine the whole time. The current system is totally broke and has been for weeks.

And seriously…locking the GitHub thread (and others that have been opened about the issue) because…

freeCodeCamp locked as too heated and limited conversation to collaborators”

…is just nonsense. There is no ‘heat’ in that thread at all.

the login has not changed, they are having issues with the new servers…
They are working on it, having 258 people report the issue is not productive toward fixing it, they are aware they are loosing log ins for this. I mean - I remembered I had the other computer logged in and so I was able to access the forum, otherwise nada…
It will be fixed,

The login method has changed, it is now a password-less logon, whereas it was previously username and password. Also annoying that despite the fact we now have password-less login, you are still presented with the standard login box instead of just an email field.

258 people reposting the issue? A bit OTT I think! There were less than 10 reports from what I can see and locking a thread where people can discuss possible solutions and workarounds to get themselves logged in asap, is poor - especially when you mark the issue as ‘too heated’.