Please change my username for my forum account

I want my username and the corresponding logo to change to correspond to my name change on my freecodecamp account with all my coding progress without losing anything that I have accumulated in either the coding account or the forum account so far. I would like my username on the forums changed to Chana and the logo to change to C.
Thank you!

Done :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jackson,
Thanks for changing my username and logo… but my username now seems to have an extra letter n in the name Chana. Can you please remove the extra one? Thanks!

Also, I now seem to be having a problem logging into the forum, even though I am able to get into my coding account. It tells me “You can’t log in as Channa from that IP address.” after I put in the correct email address and password so I have to keep resetting my password if I want to enter the forum. To connect to both the coding account and the forum, I am using my home computer, which I have used to access the forum before and from which I started using the forum in general.
Why is this happening?

My apologies… I can’t read, apparently :slight_smile:

The log in issue may be this:

Seems I’m not the only one… thanks for the heads up!