Is the GitHub login/out buggy for anyone else?

I can’t logout correctly. I still see the UI as if I’m signed in (I can see the people that are online up top including me and my avatar has the green ring) even after logging out. But I don’t have a logout button, only a login button. It also doesn’t matter if I sign out of GitHub before logging out of the forum.

If I’m signed in to GitHub I can’t login to the fCC forum. It just says “You can’t login from that IP address.”. Sometimes logging out of GitHub helps. Sometimes it doesn’t, at least not immediately.

Doesn’t matter if I close all pages, clear cookies, etc.

This issue started right after the site update so I’m thinking it must be related. Is anyone else seeing this? I haven’t seen any forum posts about it so I’m a bit confused.

Edit: A few more things I have tried that didn’t help.

  • Using the “Log out all” from the profile preferences.
  • Revoking access to fCC under the “Authorized OAuth Apps” on GitHub and re-authorizing.

Yes, I’ve been having the same problem. I get the same message: “You can’t login from that IP address”

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

Been seeing the same issue. Being that I was also already logged into GitHub from a previous session. After I received the “You can’t login from that IP address.”, I just clicked on the GitHub login button option again and it granted access to the fCC forum without needing to re-enter the credentials.

It looks like it might be a known issue.

I can’t really figure it out, it seems a bit random. Just now I wasn’t able to log in, then I logged in on GitHub and tried to log in to the forum and it worked. That is the complete opposite of what I was seeing before.

Hopefully, the fCC staff will work their magic and it will be fixed soon enough.

freeCodeCamp added more servers, but work has to be done for user IP addresses to correctly pass through for the forum software. Right now it sees thousands of hits from the same IP address and goes “Holy crap! Bot farm!”

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I guess that makes sense. I just thought because I never was properly logged out it saw my IP as being already logged in.

You can track this issue for details on the progress:

As for seeing the users logged in, even after logout:

I have gone ahead and disabled the always online plugin on signed out views for now.

Thanks for your patience while we resolve these issues.

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@raisedadead Thanks for the heads-up and link.