Apartment Building Gym App

My apartment building has a gym but we aren’t using any software or web technology or anything of the sort to allow residents to reserve their gym time during covid. Max gym time per household per day is 1 hour. I just sent an email to the property management letting them know that I’d be interested in collaborating with other developers who live in the building to solve the problem. Generally speaking, what would it take to develop a web app and mobile app to solve this problem? I wonder how much I’d actually be able to help out with it since I’ve only been studying and practicing web development for about 6 months. I don’t currently have any experience with this kind of an app so any guidance would be helpful. I’m good with HTML, CSS, and since javascript is so vast, I’d say that I only know a little of it. Thank you.

how much experience do you have with backend and database? it’s what you would need at minimum

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I don’t know anything about backend or database. I was thinking that I could help with the front end.

you could, you need to coordinate with others if you work only on front end.

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@ilenia How long do you think it would take for me to learn how to make this whole app on my own? It seems like a pretty easy app to make. Thank you.

I can’t answer that question for you. But if you continue with the freeCodeCamp curriculum you can learn how to make a full-stack web app, and that will let you make a web app like you want, you will need extra resources for the mobile app if you want to do that


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