APIs and Microservice Projects GitHub Link Submission

Hello there,
I used to do certification projects on glitch but now I want to try to work on them on desktop and then submit using the GitHub link.
However when I try to submit GitHub link of my project it gives me error saying “please fill out solution field” as well.
Here is my GitHub link of the exercise tracker if its gonna help.

I also tried to submit this link to solution field but failed every test. Am I doing something wrong with GithHub link submission ?

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The github link is optional, but the solution link is not. The tests expect to find a live project on glitch or repl.it to run against.

I’ve worked on front-end projects, node projects, and python projects locally and then uploaded to codepen or repl.it with success to run the final tests and submit. I used copy/paste since most projects require a few files, but I imagine there’s a more elegant solution fetching locally from github, working, pushing to github, and then pulling from github to repl.it, but I haven’t bothered.

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In repl.it there were actually an option to fetch from GitHub, which I did but there were problems with dependencies when I tried to run. For example, it didn’t accept nodemon, and weirdly couldn’t connect the mongodb server as well.
Anyway, thanks for the insight, I think I will copy/paste as well.