Approximate Hours per Unit of "Responsive Web Design"?

Hello! I am starting up this for the first time in a while (had been working on the old curriculum last year, now starting again on the updated).

Has anyone estimated the hours per unit for the new curriculum? I find it helpful to track my progress as I go along in a google doc.


Officially 300 hrs, but some are quicker, some are slower.

Gotcha. So no estimates for each section with the unit? IE how long HTML, CSS, Visual Design take?

I don’t think a breakdown into sections would be particularly useful

It’s hard enough to judge a whole unit with regards to time, as it can vary considerably per person. Even more so as to which sections they find “harder” than others.

I’m not entirely convinced all the units are reasonably estimated either, but I don’t exactly have any stats on hand to back that up

Hi Thomas, the duration of the above specified lessons depends on the time you invest per day and also how much you cover in that time. Well, it took somewhat a month(intermittently) for me. But you might do it earlier. Thanks for a2a…

What? The estimated time of a section doesn’t depend very much on how many hours you do in a day, and by definition it depends on how much you cover in a given time

Where were you asked to answer? on discord or something?

Yes and no. The more consistently you are coding, the more efficient you’ll be. That’s just one of the many variables that would make any fine grained estimate meaningless. Even the broad estimates on the map are very rough. It’s extremely common to see people concerned about taking more time or less than the estimate.