Are interview and job training programs worth it?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on some projects and I’ve been applying for a bunch of jobs online. Got some interviews but never got an offer yet. I lack speed and I also get nervous when I’m asked a technical question in interviews. I also think interviewing is a skill that needs to be gained over time. I’ve also been looking into technical interview training platforms. One good thing according to me is that you only pay when you get a job. But having said that, are these platforms even worth it? Or should I just stick to self-preparation?

It is entirely up to you. It helps if you can do a little research into the platform and figure out how successful people have been, find out how worthwhile the program is, but ultimately you are the real deciding factor.

Some people do need a little bit of a program and whip to get themselves into shape. Self-motivation and self control are not quality everybody possesses. We all have lapse in judgement and make decisions we shouldn’t.

If something like this actually give you the urgency to practice and study on the regular and that in term helps get you a job 6 month earlier then it is well worth it.

However, it is just a program, no matter how good or bad it is, it’s not responsible for your success, that part is all you. It cannot force you to follow it and it cannot find jobs for you.